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To be the leading Company in the Service Industry that offers the highest standards of services and solutions with quick and effective delivery, to improve quality of life.

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Everboom Cakes

We exist in the Food Industry as Everboom Cakes where we provide a wide variety of premium cakes. Our knack for excellence propells us to utilise only the finest ingredients, for quality, great nutritive values and unbeatable taste!

Everboom Cleaners

We stand out in the Cleaning Industry for highly professional cleaning services for lived-in houses, newly completed buildings, offices, schools and corporate organizations. Our work is thorough and we always leave behind a clean breeze!

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We offer highly professional services, our responses are quick and our cleanings are thorough!

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Everboom Services Ltd exists to cater for the well-being of our clientele by offering the highest standards of services and solutions to improve quality of life directly and indirectly.

We exist in the Baking Industry as Everboom Cakes, providing a wide variety of cakes including premium cakes made from fresh fruits and vegetables for unbeatable taste, nutrition and quality. Specific products include:

and various kinds of banana cakes:

We exist in the Cleaning Industry as Everboom Cleaners, offering efficient and highly professional cleaning services to clientele for lived-in houses, newly completed buildings, offices & corporate organisations. We make our mark in the Educational Sector as Everboom Educational Services, where our services include Curriculum and Human Resource development for school Proprietors and educationists in General.

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